With more than 1.7 million new cancer cases expected to be diagnosed in the U.S. in 2019, cancer is the second-leading cause of death in the world. But survival rates are improving for many types of cancer, thanks to improvements in cancer screening and treatment. The best chance for a cure and quality of life begins with an accurate diagnosis and the right treatment plan.

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Why Choose Mayo Clinic for Cancer Care

At Mayo Clinic, we believe the needs of the patient come first. This value guides all activities in our practice, education and research surrounding cancer care. It’s what makes our integrated practice experience so extraordinary for our patients and their families. Mayo Clinic does more than treat cancer, and that’s a good thing. With our world-class experts at one institution, we’re able to consider all aspects of your treatment, providing expert care through every step of the journey.

Mayo Clinic’s Head and Neck Cancer Center demonstrates the benefits of receiving cancer care from a center that does a high volume of complex, rare cancer cases and physicians who specialize in a specific type of cancer. Watch to learn more about Mayo Clinic Cancer Center’s better approach to cancer care and what it means to receive care from a multidisciplinary practice.

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Mayo Clinic is one of the largest, most comprehensive cancer centers in the world. Mayo Clinic cancer experts have treated virtually every type of cancer and treat more than 120,000 people with cancer each year. With a high volume of treatment, our physicians have experience in treating rare and complex cancers.


Successful treatment starts with an accurate diagnosis, and Mayo Clinic cancer experts take the time to get it right. In a recent study, up to 88% of patients who came to Mayo Clinic for a second opinion received a new or refined diagnosis.


At Mayo Clinic, every aspect of your care is coordinated by a multidisciplinary team that works together to consider all of your cancer treatment options and provide the cancer care you need. What might take months elsewhere can often be done in days at Mayo Clinic. That’s because the Mayo Clinic Model of Care allows physicians and care teams to completely meet the needs of each patient through unhurried examinations with time to listen to the patient, a comprehensive evaluation with timely, efficient assessment and treatment and the most advanced, innovative diagnostic and therapeutic technologies and techniques.


Mayo Clinic oncologists are some of the best in the world. In the U.S. News & World Report rankings of top hospitals, Mayo Clinic is consistently ranked among the top hospitals for cancer in the nation. Mayo Clinic Cancer Center meets strict standards for a National Cancer Institute comprehensive cancer center, recognizing scientific excellence and a multispecialty approach focused on cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.


Mayo Clinic doctors and researchers participate with non-profit organizations whose mission is to bring together researchers in research cooperatives, which give people with cancer access to the latest Clinical trials. Mayo Clinic patients have access to unique Mayo clinic investigator-initiated clinical trials, only available at Mayo Clinic.


You can come to Mayo Clinic on your own ─ or with a referral from your doctor. Many people come to Mayo Clinic when their condition is complex or rare, but Mayo Clinic cancer experts have extensive experience treating all types of cancer using the latest technologies and treatments.

88% of patients who came to Mayo Clinic for a second opinion received a new or refined diagnosis, according to a recent study. Learn more.

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